There’s Something About Spring

There are beautiful things to be said about every season, but no one can deny the magic carried by spring. Waking up to the smell of fresh cut grass, the sun gleaming off the dewy drops clinging to their blades, you find a difference in the earth’s energy. You can sense the changes before taking a foot from under your covers. Positive change flows in the rebirth of the life taken by winter and hope floats lightly in the air as buds begin to bloom, animals are born, and gray turns to green.

Spring is by far the most optimistic of seasons, bringing the promise of carefree summer as it leaves the cover of winter behind. The cover that was once comforting is suppressive and spring has a way of lifting that weight just as it begins to become unbearable. Bright light replaces the soft, replacing restlessness with electric energy, and whether or not you choose to indulge that spirit, it feels positive.

The days begin to grow longer and the nights shorten, but for the first time in awhile you want them to be so. You are finally able to act on your desire to run, to leave the place you’ve been hiding, and just go. Everything else around you is changing and growing, who’s to say you can’t too? The need is instinctive, and whether they’re big or small changes, making them leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

I can’t say exactly what it is, because it’s a wonderfully innate sensation and those are the most impossible to describe, but there is something about spring. It’s not just a season you see changing around you; it’s something that you feel happening to you. What a beautiful time to make more time for yourself, to reach out to others, to try something new, to stop and smell the roses, to be incredibly present where you are in this world: to be fully and beautifully alive.


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