My 2017 Highlight Reel

2017 seemed to be commonly regarded as the worst year in… well a while. Amidst all the political and social turmoil it felt easy for me to chime in with a “thank God it’s over” or “absolutely the worst!” but shortly after agreeing, I had to reconsider.  A lot changed for me this year, and too many of those changes were positive to deem the year bad.

I’ve tried to write this post from a few different approaches now, but keep coming up short because the year was such a roller coaster. I experienced too many things and learned too much to sum it up into one short blog post. So I’ve decided to go with a highlight reel, choosing one great thing that happened each month in an eventful year.

January: Finishing my second half marathon, the Rain Run, with my mom and aunt cheering me along the finish.


February: Having my best friends back in the same town.


March: Traveling to St. Louis for the first time to celebrate Carly’s birthday with Ted Drewes, museums, walks in the park, laughs, Shnuck’s, and t-ravs.


            April: Getting offered a job with the Portland Timbers.

   May: Moving to Portland, Oregon.


           June: Moving into my very first apartment with help from my mom and aunt.


July: Getting offered a job with Stash Teas.

August: Road tripping to Missoula for Big Sky Brewing’s Traveler’s Rest concert, celebrating fantastic music with old friends and new.


September: Starting a ten-week writing class, Prompt, at Powell’s City of Books to get in the habit of writing and sharing again.


October: Attending John Green’s Turtles All The Way Down book tour.

November: Surprising Mackenzie in Sacramento for a birthday weekend complete with sushi, hot tubbing, mimosas, and movies.

December: Decorating and making updates to my apartment (aka getting a bed!) with my parents while they were in town for a quick visit.


I’m thankful for all the changes that 2017 brought, despite their accompanying stresses, and I am grateful for the ability to see myself grow throughout them. I’m certain that 2018 will continue to push me through excitements and challenges and I can’t wait to see what forms those may take. Embracing the good and using the bad to learn and make positive changes, I know this year will bring plenty to celebrate. Cheers!





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