The Perks of Twenty-Five

As of yesterday I am officially 1/12th of the way through a quarter of a century of life. Does that make sense? I really shouldn’t try to speak mathematically… What I’m getting at is that I’ve officially been twenty-five for a month and if the first month is any indication of the rest of the year, I can’t wait to see what the year brings.

April was a whirlwind of visiting friends, great soccer, outings with coworkers, hard work, and beautiful sunny days. It might get it’s own post if I decide that it’s not too late for a recap in the next week…

Though rumored to be the peak of the quarter life crisis years, twenty-five hasn’t scared me yet. The thing about twenty-five it seems, is that people take you more seriously as an adult, but at the end of the day you are still a young adult, so you can still embrace that when you feel like it. At twenty-four I often felt as though I was still kidding someone; that I had these adult experiences and as hard as I tried to hold myself professionally people just weren’t buying it. Twenty-five just sounds way older than twenty-four. It’s one of those weird ages, like nine to ten, or twelve to thirteen. Have you magically matured over night? No, but do people treat you as if you had, and does saying “I’m ten” feel better than saying “I’m nine”? Yes and yes. But at the end of the day you’re still figuring it out and people get that so you can still say “Hey, I’m only ten!” What I guess I’m getting at is that twenty-five is one of those versatile years that you can manipulate however you need it to function.

I am entering twenty-five with my first career-type job, I have lived in Portland for nearly a year, I am getting more comfortable with my coworkers, and I am making the effort to make plans with friends, and am saying yes to new opportunities.

While I’ve been focused on career development and relationship building, I’ve lost a little bit of my motivation to write, and haven’t been very good about sending my book out to agents. I also haven’t been diligent about maintaining my health/fitness. These being my activities of choice to maintain balance and joy in my life, I have been a little disappointed in myself to neglect them.

Through recent reflection I’ve come to realize that maybe the downfall of putting your all into everything, is that certain things end up getting pushed aside because of the intense focus on one or two things. If I find that I’m beginning to spread myself too thin, rather than doing something partway, I’ll skip it altogether. This is something I hope to become more conscientious of, and improve upon, because a half hour run is better than no run at all, and writing for twenty minutes is better than not writing at all.

I hope to practice balance in a more conducive way this year. I know it will take some trial and error to figure out how to do everything that I want to do, and some days or weeks will look different from others, but I believe that having this awareness will help me find a place to start. If anyone has any tips, I would be more than happy to hear them! Until then I’ll keep these thoughts and this positivity as I move into the second month of twenty-five.



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